Nana @ Nanakodesign


Nanakodesign specializes in organizing different events with the latest trending ideas. They provide decorations and coordinates weddings and parties which means less fuss for the bride and groom! With a team of professional and experienced wedding planners, Nanakodesign can help couples to coordinate attendee lists and at the same time create a memorable even for everyone to remember.

Nanakodesign is also open to unique theme suggestions by their clients and put in 100% of effort every time they help to brainstorm and plan an event. Their meticulous nature with the details make Nanakodesign one of the most sought after wedding planners in town. They provide other services such as instant print photobooths, candy buffet and decorations.
Besides having a friendly team to help plan the event, Nanakodesign is a one stop centre to facilitate your event needs. From the planning and decision-making on which theme to use, which venues are suitable to the details such as the invitation cards, ambience, table display,

Nanakodesign will assist you along this journey to ensure you will be headache-free when organizing your event.

The main goal of Nanakodesign is to make sure that their clients experience the most memorable event of their life. With the ability to inject the WOW factor in all of their events, Nanakodesign is confident that they will meet the requirements and expectations of their clients and their guests.